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10 Ways To Make Your Makeup Last Longer

As the temperatures keep on rising, it’s getting harder to keep a full glam on for a whole day. The summer heat isn’t doing any good to the makeup products applied so carefully to our skin. Spending so much time and effort to create a flawless look, only to see it melting off by the afternoon is so frustrating.

So what do we do in these hot, humid conditions? How do we stay looking snatched for hours under the hot summer sun?

Here are the ways you can make your makeup last longer!

Have a clean canvas

The first step to creating a flawless look is thoroughly cleansing your skin. Having a clean canvas to build your products upon can make a huge difference in your makeup look. Make sure your skin is exfoliated, cleansed and moisturized. This way you’ll get rid of excess oils and dead skin cells that can affect the makeup application and staying power.

10 Ways To Make Your Makeup Last Longer


Once you got all the skin care down, it’s time to add one additional prepping step – a primer. Applying a primer will help you create a smooth base for your makeup and apply your foundation evenly. This step will give your makeup something to stick to and stay on for hours. Don’t forget to prime your eyelids to avoid creasing and have your eyeshadow on throughout the whole day.

Pick your foundation carefully

If you want to keep your foundation from melting off, you need to pick one that’s right for your skin type and occasion (think a day in the heat). It’s best to choose a lightweight formula that’s going to set nicely in your skin instead of a thick, heavy one that’s going to stay on top of it.

10 Ways To Make Your Makeup Last Longer

Oil based formulas are more likely to slide off during the day, so to avoid this, pick an oil-free foundation. Also, look for long lasting foundations that are specifically made for long wear.

Layer your liquid products with powders

Cream formulas tend to move around and melt off, so it’s better to use powders. Layering a face powder, blush and contour on top of your liquid foundation will help you set your base and prevent smearing.

10 Ways To Make Your Makeup Last Longer

Apply light layers

Makeup applied heavily won’t perform well in the heat and will leave you looking like a cake-face. If you want to avoid a makeup meltdown, apply the products in light layers. This will help all your products blend together nicely and last longer.

Use translucent powder

Translucent powder is key for a perfect, long lasting summer look. These powders have no pigmentation but are overall amazing. Using a translucent powder will absorb excess oils and add another protective layer that will keep your makeup on throughout the day.

Pick waterproof eye makeup

With all the heat and sweating, using waterproof products is the smartest move to make. Choose a long lasting, waterproof liner that won’t smear and fade after just a couple of hours.

10 Ways To Make Your Makeup Last Longer

Same goes for mascara – you’ll need a waterproof formula that won’t copy on your lids and smudge under your eyes.

Choose your lipstick wisely

If you don’t like reapplying your lipstick every other hour, choose one that has a strong staying power. Matte liquid lipsticks have the best formula when it comes to longevity, some even staying through drinks and meals. Make sure to frame your lips with a lip liner before applying a liquid lipstick to prevent it from moving and melting off.

Setting spray is a must

Never underestimate the power of a setting spray. It’s a must have product, whether you choose a matte or a dewy finish.  A good setting spray will lock everything in place and keep your makeup from melting off, moving, fading and creasing for the rest of the day!

Use blotting papers

Blotting papers can be true life savers in the summer heat. Make sure to carry a pack wherever you go so you can use them during the day. When you feel like your face needs a touch up, pick a sheet and pat gently to remove sweat and excess oils.

10 Ways To Make Your Makeup Last Longer

Wearing a full face of makeup in the summer heat ain’t easy, but we have to put some effort into making our makeup last longer. If you make sure to take all of the steps above, you’ll have your flawless makeup look on throughout the whole day!