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    We produce and ship all items from Detroit, USA.

    Each order is custom and printed on demand. Once an order has been submitted to us, it is held for 24 hours before entering into production.

    Once your item is produced and shipped, you will be notified by email

    On average, the items are produced and shipped from our factory within 2 to 3 business days after the purchase.


    Standard shipping/transit times apply (1 to 7 days for domestic packages in the US and 4 to 15 days for international.)

    On average, merchandise is produced and shipped from our facility 2 to 3 business days after purchase. Standard shipping/transit times apply (1-7 days for domestic and 4-15 days for international).

    Email Notifications

    You will receive email notifications when:

    1. Your order is received and confirmed
    2. The moment when your order is produced and handled to shipping, with a tracking ID included


    For returns and refunds, please read this page.