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    The Swatch Chart – The Perfect Personalized Wall Art for Every Makeup Lover

    The Swatch Chart – The Perfect Personalized Wall Art for Every Makeup Lover

    There’s a saying that goes: “It’s not hoarding if it’s makeup”. We believe this is a 100% true!

    All of us makeup lovers have this in common – we love to try out new products. The beauty industry is now bigger than ever and every day there are new products coming out left and right. There’s always that launch we don’t want to miss, and that limited edition palette from our favorite brand that we just have to get! And if you’re obsessed with makeup, you probably know that feeling – the curiosity and need to test out new colors and new formulas. It’s not just about owning a large collection, for us it’s about playing with makeup and experimenting with new looks.

    However, there’s a downside to this. Having a huge makeup collection means that you’ll never get to hit pan on some of your palettes or empty all of your lipsticks. This is why organization is key!

    Having a couple of makeup organizer boxes on your vanity table can help you with this, but you’ll still have a ton of your lipsticks packed in your drawers, and you’ll likely forget about some of the shades you own. This is where The Swatch Chart comes in!

    The Swatch Chart – The Perfect Personalized Wall Art for Every Makeup Lover

    The Swatch Chart – How It All Began

    Yes, we all like to collect makeup and buy products despite knowing that we already have the same or similar shades at home.  And we’ve all had some stunning lipsticks that we threw away, just because we completely forgot to use them before the expiry date. This is what initially inspired us to create The Swatch Chart!

    A Visual Organizer

    The Swatch Chart can help you visually organize your lipsticks – once you have your shades displayed on your wall, you’ll get a clear picture of your whole collection and give some love to the lipsticks you rarely use. This is the functional aspect that makes our Swatch Chart stand out among all the other beauty room wall art out there! It will help you keep track of your lipstick collection and remind you of all the beautiful shades you have. We all have too much product and too little time to use it, so why not de-clutter, organize our collection and use more of what we already have?

    The Swatch Chart – The Perfect Personalized Wall Art for Every Makeup Lover

    Wall Art

    Makeup is art, so why not display it on your wall? The Swatch Chart is a personalized piece of wall art, meaning each print is unique – once it gets filled in, it becomes an original piece of wall art. Every Swatch Chart in the world is different just because we all use different types of colors. A blank canvas just for you to fill, it is a reflection of your lipstick preferences and a beautiful way to display your shades. So if you’re looking for an original way to decorate the walls of your beauty room, get yourself a Swatch Chart!


    We all do our makeup differently: some of us start with the eyes, some with the face makeup. But what if you started with your lipstick? Well, not actually applying it first, but simply choosing a color. Getting to see all your shades in front of you can help you get inspired and choose your makeup of the day with ease. It can also motivate you to create more colorful looks and experiment with shades that you often overlook!

    The Swatch Chart – The Perfect Personalized Wall Art for Every Makeup Lover


    We all have that one friend that’s obsessed with makeup and keeps track of all the latest products in the makeup industry. And it’s always difficult to choose gifts for them because you can’t be sure if you got the right shade or if they already have the product you’ve picked. This is why The Swatch Chart makes an amazing gift for all makeup lovers! If you’re looking to gift something that’s not makeup – this is it.

    Types of Swatch Charts

    Our Swatch Charts are available in different types of materials, styles and sizes.

    The Swatch Chart Canvas Poster

    The Swatch Chart canvas posters are made out of a poly cotton blend fabric. This is the perfect surface for swatching lip liners, cream and liquid lipstick formulas. It’s available in sizes: 12”x18” (32 swatch spots), 18”x24” (48 swatch spots), 24”x36” (68 swatch spots) and the largest, XL Swatch Chart – 30”x40” which has 120 swatch spots.

    The Swatch Chart – The Perfect Personalized Wall Art for Every Makeup Lover

    The Swatch Chart Canvas Wrap

    The Swatch Chart canvas wraps are created out of artist-grade poly-cotton blend canvas with a hard, high-density wood fiberboard and a plastic frame. These are already framed and ready to hang! They’re available in sizes 12”x18”(32 swatch spots), 16”x24” (44 swatch spots), 18”x24” (48 swatch spots), and 24”x36” (68 swatch spots).

    The Swatch Chart Hanging Canvas

    The Swatch Chart hanging canvas is made out of 100% poly canvas substrate and it comes with wood hanging hardware with magnetic connectors and faux-suede hanger. It’s very easy to set up and hang in no time! Available in sizes: 16”x24” (44 swatch spots) and 20”x30” (68 swatch spots).

    The Swatch Chart – The Perfect Personalized Wall Art for Every Makeup Lover

    The Swatch Chart Metal Print

    The Swatch Chart metal prints are made from 100% recycled aluminum - the surface is scratch resistant, weatherproof, and waterproof. They’re eco – friendly and reusable, meaning you can remove your lipstick swatches with a makeup wipe and swatch new shades over & over again. Basically, you’ll only need to get it once and use it forever! Our Swatch Chart metal print is available in size 24”x36”, which has 68 swatch spots.

    The Swatch Chart – The Perfect Personalized Wall Art for Every Makeup Lover

    *Numbers of swatch spots mentioned above refer to the “My Lipstick Collection” category in the style “Read My Lips”. Swatch spots on all charts differ depending on the color category and style.


    Aside from the “My Lipstick Collection” print, our swatch charts are available in color categories: “Nudes”, “Reds”, “Pinks”, “Berries” and “Bolds”. We created these categories for all makeup lovers that prefer a certain type of color and have a huge lipstick collection of their favorite color category. We’re all guilty of sticking to one shade and buying similar, if not the exact same lipstick shades again and again!

    The Swatch Chart – The Perfect Personalized Wall Art for Every Makeup Lover


    Our Swatch Charts are available in three different styles:

    • “Read My Lips” which features lip shaped swatch spots
    • “Lipstick Love” - where the swatch spots have a shape of a liquid lipstick
    • “Between The Lines” which resembles a page out of a notebook.

    The Swatch Chart – The Perfect Personalized Wall Art for Every Makeup Lover

    How To Use

    Our Swatch Chart is so easy to use! Just swatch your lipstick on the swatch spot, fill in the blank lines underneath with shade name/brand and hang on your wall!

    The Swatch Chart – The Perfect Personalized Wall Art for Every Makeup Lover


    Will I waste my lipsticks on your Swatch Chart?
    No, it only takes a dip to swatch your lipsticks, of course, depending on the formula. You can swatch any way you like – you don’t have to fill in the whole swatch spot!

    Is this a paper poster?
    No, our Swatch Charts are made out of cotton and metal.

    Where do you ship from?
    US and UK.

    How long does shipping take?
    Shipping usually takes 7-14 business days. You will receive an email with your tracking ID once your chart leaves the factory.

    How much does shipping cost?

    The shipping price varies depending on your location and your order. We have free shipping for domestic orders over $75 and worldwide orders over $125!

    We are not responsible for any fees by customs in your country.



    How to Make Your Lips Pop - Tips for Juicy, Plump Lips

    How to Make Your Lips Pop - Tips for Juicy, Plump Lips

    If you’re wearing a lipstick all of the time, you probably have those days where your lips look dull and lifeless. Especially if your go to product is a liquid lipstick, as these formulas tend to dry out the lips and make your pout look chapped and unhealthy. So, what should we do to bring our lips to life? How to make them look juicy and kissable?

    Here are some ways to make your lips pop.


    The first step to soft, smooth lips is exfoliation. There are so many amazing lip scrubs out there that will do wonders for your lips. You can even find formulas that are edible - Jeffree Star Cosmetics create yummy lip scrubs in a variety of flavors and scents. Also, there’s always the good old DIY method – create your own scrub with just a tablespoon of sugar and a tablespoon of olive oil. Whatever type you choose, make sure you exfoliate before applying lipstick, or at least twice a week.

    Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

    Moisturizing is key for healthy skin and this is probably the most important thing to do to get soft, juicy lips. Find a good lip balm that works for your skin and buy in bulk. Keep one in your purse, one in your office, your car, etc… Having a lip balm at reach at all time will help you prevent dry, chapped lips. Before going to bed, apply a heavy lip butter or lip oil that will soften your lips overnight.

    How to Make Your Lips Pop - Tips for Juicy, Plump Lips

    Prep Your Lips

    To make your lipstick pop, prep your lips before applying any lip color. Lipstick primers are often overlooked and don’t seem exciting at all as they’re usually transparent, balm like formulas. But using one can make such a big difference in your look! This product will create a smooth base on your lips, enhance the color of your lipstick as well as make it last longer.


    As far as appearance goes, contouring is a must try technique that will make your lips pop. Apply a cream contour on the skin around your lips – focus above the Cupids bow and right under your bottom lip, above the chin. Blend it out to create a shadow that will make your lips seem fuller. Next, grab a lip liner and carefully outline your lips to make them look bigger. Lastly, apply lipstick.

    How to Make Your Lips Pop - Tips for Juicy, Plump Lips

    Try Ombre Lips

    There’s something about the ombre effect that makes the lips look stunning. Every makeup lover should give it a go! To create an easy ombre lip, you’ll need three products in the same color family – a lip liner, a darker shade to blend in over the liner and inward, and a lighter shade to bring focus to the center of your lips. This technique will give the illusion of fuller, plumper lips.

    Add Shine

    Is lip gloss a part of your makeup routine? If it’s not already, you need to get one asap! It’s a great way to finish off your makeup look and make your lips look full and juicy.

    How to Make Your Lips Pop - Tips for Juicy, Plump Lips

    Be Picky About Your Colors…

    There are no rules to colors in makeup – if you like something, wear it. However, some shades can suit your lip shape far better than others. For example, thin lips look beautiful with satin-finish lighter shades (nudes, pinks, mauves), while darker matte shades can make them look small and even thinner. Big, full lips look amazing with deep tones, while light shades can sometimes make them look washed out. So to make your lips pop, choose the best colors for your lip shape and skin tone!

    …And formulas

    Lipstick formulas play a big part in the appearance of your lips. Who wants a chapped, flaky lip? When choosing your lip products, make sure to read some reviews online and do some research on the formulas. Look for formulations that don’t dry out your skin, last long and don’t smudge or flake. Usually, the best performing lip products are expensive, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t find some amazing drugstore lipsticks (hint: Wet n Wild Liquid Catsuit Lipstick). If your lips are wrinkled, look for shiny, moisturizing lipsticks, as matte, dry formulas will settle in the lines of your lips and make them look even more mature.

    How to Make Your Lips Pop - Tips for Juicy, Plump Lips

    Consider Lip Fillers

    Getting your lips done is far more available and affordable than it used to be. If you’re into the full lips look, but don’t want to undergo a plastic surgery, fillers might be the right choice for you. This method is far easier and cheaper; also, not permanent and not as painful as surgery. It’s a great way to enhance your natural lips and make them look plump and juicy!

    How to Save Money on Makeup – 10 Tips You Need To Know

    How to Save Money on Makeup – 10 Tips You Need To Know

    If you’re a makeup lover, chances are you’ve gone broke over makeup numerous times. Truth is, some packages are way too cute to not buy, and some foundations are just made for our skin tones. There are way too many product launches each season and it’s hard for us to keep track of all the new must haves in the beauty industry.

    That’s the thing about us makeup obsessed souls: we want it all and we want it now! Sadly, most makeup products are expensive and there’s no way of constantly updating your collection without going broke. We all have mouths to feed and bills to pay, so we have to limit our budget and find ways to save money while makeup shopping. So how do we do this?

    In this article, we’ll share some money saving makeup tips that will help you save some coins while still looking snatched!

    Use Coupons

    Obviously, when doing any type of shopping, coupons can be true money savers! Before placing your order, make sure to check for coupons online. There are many apps that do this for you and they’re extremely easy to use – only a few minutes on your phone will save you so much money!

    How to Save Money on Makeup – 10 Tips You Need To Know

    Shop Sales

    Another obvious tip is to shop makeup at reduced prices. Sometimes we get too excited about a product launch and feel the need to get our hands on it asap. But if you want to save money, it’s best to be patient and wait for a clearance. If it’s not something you’re out of, e.g. a foundation or mascara, there’s no need of rushing to get it at a full price. Thankfully, most brands have sales every other month, so we don’t have to wait for too long. Just make sure you’re subscribed to your favorite brands so you don’t miss out on a sale!

    Buy In Bulk

    While we’re at sales, we have to mention buying in bulk. If you have an absolute favorite foundation that you wouldn’t switch, a concealer, a liner, or any makeup product that you stick to for years, it’s best to buy it in bulk, if possible. This is a way to shop smart and have your favorite products on your vanity at all times.

    How to Save Money on Makeup – 10 Tips You Need To Know

    Shop at Stores With a Return Policy

    Can you imagine how much money you’ve spent on makeup you didn’t really like? How many times have you purchased the wrong shade of foundation, or concealer? We often don’t think about these things while shopping, but being able to return the product can save us a lot of money. So it’s best to look for stores with the best return policies, such as Ulta, Target, CVS and more.

    Get Your Rewards

    Aside from return policies, reward policies are another awesome thing that many stores offer. If you’re into the reward program of a makeup store, you’ll get points for every purchase you make. You can later use them to get makeup products for free. How cool is that?


    If your favorite stores don’t have return policies, and you’ve ended up with makeup you don’t like, trading is a good idea. A lot of people trade makeup via social media, however not everyone feels comfortable sharing personal products with strangers. This is why you can trade your makeup with people you trust, like your friends and family. Arrange a get together with your friends where you all bring your makeup “fails”. Remember, what doesn’t work for your skin might be the best product for someone else. Swatch, test and play, and there’s a good chance you’ll all find a product you love!  

    How to Save Money on Makeup – 10 Tips You Need To Know

    Find Dupes

    Yes, we all love high end makeup, but a lot of times these products are too pricy for our budget. This is why dupes are awesome! There are so many drugstore brands that come close in shades, formulas and quality to high end makeup. Drugstore eyeshadow palettes are getting better by the day and there are hundreds of lip shades that are exact dupes for high end lipsticks. Best thing is - you can get these for very cheap prices. So before you spend a fortune of the shades you like, make sure to check for drugstore dupes!

    Buy Travel Size

    If you’re sure you’re not going to hit pan on that blush before it goes bad, get it in travel size. A lot of brands offer travel size versions of their products for a much lower price than the full size. Just think about all the expired makeup you’ve thrown out just because you didn’t have the time to use it all up. If you had bought it in travel sized packaging, you’d actually get your money’s worth. This is also a great way to play with colors that you don’t usually wear.

    How to Save Money on Makeup – 10 Tips You Need To Know

    Revive Dry Products

    If your makeup products are drying out before their expiration date, don’t throw them away! Bring them to life instead. Use coconut oil to revive a dried out brow pomade, or an eyeshadow base. Just add a few drops and stir until the formula is creamy again. Add a couple of eye drops to your dried out mascara to make it work like you just bought it. This is a great way to get the most out of your products and use every last bit!

    Use Multi – Purpose Products

    Just think about it: if you buy a face palette instead of contour, a bronzer, and a highlight, you’ll save up a lot of money! You can also find palettes that include eyeshadows as well as face makeup. Buying all these products separately is very expensive. That’s why all-in-one palettes are great money savers.

    How to Save Money on Makeup – 10 Tips You Need To Know

    Another thing you can do to save some coins is use one product for multiple purposes. For example, this Bobbi Brown shimmer brick can be used as an eyeshadow palette, a highlighter, and a bronzer. Aside from using versatile products such as this palette, you can find new ways to use the makeup you already own. Contour powders can be used as a bronzer, or as a transition shade in the crease. Shimmery eyeshadows can make amazing highlighters, and peachy lipsticks can be used as a cream blush. Don’t be afraid to experiment and play with makeup! One product can do so many things, and sometimes there’s no need to buy a separate product for every little purpose.

    9 Tips for Applying Liquid Eyeliner Like a Pro

    9 Tips for Applying Liquid Eyeliner Like a Pro

    Applying a liquid liner seems to be the trickiest thing to master. No matter the experience and time spent doing makeup, this is the one step that can go wrong in just a split second. Obviously, we all have those days when we struggle to create that perfect winged line. So how do we make the whole process of applying liquid eyeliner easier? Here are some tips that will help you slay that liner with ease!

    Choose Your Product Carefully

    If you struggle to create a perfect line, don’t blame your skills. The product might be making it more difficult for you! There are a lot of liquid eyeliners that just don’t do what they’re advertised to do. If the tip of the liner is fuzzy, too soft or too dry, how are you supposed to create a good line? This is why before you get discouraged, you need to read reviews, experiment and find what works best for you. We suggest you try a pen like liner with a small felt tip, as these seem to be easier to use than the brush tip ones.

    Always Prime

    If you’re not already used to priming your lids, now’s the time to start doing it. It’s such a game changer in the application as well as longevity of the eye makeup products. Seriously, make sure to always prime your eyelids! Once you have a smooth base laid down, your eyeliner will be much easier to apply and it will last longer than usual.

    9 Tips for Applying Liquid Eyeliner Like a Pro

    Do Your Liner First

    We don’t believe in rules when it comes to makeup. There are a lot of articles and tutorials that suggest “the right order of makeup products”, but at the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preference. However, starting off with your eye makeup might be the smartest move to make. When you’re doing your eyeshadow and liner before the rest of your face, you’re leaving space for mistakes and cleanup. This way, if you mess up your eyeliner, it’ll be so much easier to fix it. You won’t have to remove the concealer, foundation and bake around your eyes and apply all of these products again. So yes, if you’re stressing over how your wings turn out, always do them first!

    Use Tape

    This might be the oldest trick in the book! It’s amazing how a simple piece of washi tape can help you get perfect, sharp wings. How to use it? It’s actually very easy. Just apply a bit of tape at the outer corner of your eye, where your wings should be (make sure you get the right angle). Draw above and over it to create your wing, then finish the line down the inner corner of your eye. Remove the tape and reveal your flawless wing!

    9 Tips for Applying Liquid Eyeliner Like a Pro

    Connect The Dots

    This is another effortless trick for all of us who struggle to create that winged line in one movement. You’ll only need to draw a few dots, then connect them. Sounds easy, right? Start at the inner corner and draw dots on top of your lash line, up to the outer corner of your eye where your wing would end. Next, connect the dots by filling in the space between them. This is such an easy way to create a line, and if you haven’t already, you need to give it a try. Think about it, you’re just a few dots away from a perfect wing!

    Clean Up With a Makeup Remover

    Getting that line right at the first try isn’t easy. It’s completely normal to mess up your liner, and this is why you need to know how to clean up and fix it. Having a makeup remover at reach will save you so much trouble! Instead of using your fingers and making a bigger mess, take a liner brush and dip it into micellar water or any makeup remover. Swipe it on the areas where you need to clean up and wait for it to dry. You can also use cotton swabs, but small makeup brushes with sharp tips will give you more precision and definition.

    9 Tips for Applying Liquid Eyeliner Like a Pro


    Have you tried talking while doing your liquid eyeliner? For many people, it’s impossible. This isn’t strange at all, because creating sharp wings takes a lot of patience, focus and precision. So to draw the best lines, you need to stay calm and try to focus. Makeup artists even suggest holding your breath to really get into it and avoid mistakes. Of course, chewing, talking, and anything that makes your face move is not a good idea!

    Have a Good Posture

    This is where steady hands come into play. Just as you need to avoid moving your face muscles, you also need to mind your posture and hand movements. If your hands are shaky, doing your liquid eyeliner while standing in front of a mirror might not be the best idea. Sitting down and having a flat surface to rest your hand onto is so much better! This will help you control your arm movement and have your hands as still as possible.

    Lighting Is Key

    When it comes to creating a perfect eye makeup look, lighting is key. You might have the best products and skills, but if you can’t see exactly what you’re doing, you’ll easily mess it up. This is why lighting is so important. There are many lighted mirrors on the market right now that have a “zoom in” option, where you can see your work clearly. Invest it one to create precise, flawless looks!

    10 Ways To Make Your Makeup Last Longer

    10 Ways To Make Your Makeup Last Longer

    As the temperatures keep on rising, it’s getting harder to keep a full glam on for a whole day. The summer heat isn’t doing any good to the makeup products applied so carefully to our skin. Spending so much time and effort to create a flawless look, only to see it melting off by the afternoon is so frustrating.

    So what do we do in these hot, humid conditions? How do we stay looking snatched for hours under the hot summer sun?

    Here are the ways you can make your makeup last longer!

    Have a clean canvas

    The first step to creating a flawless look is thoroughly cleansing your skin. Having a clean canvas to build your products upon can make a huge difference in your makeup look. Make sure your skin is exfoliated, cleansed and moisturized. This way you’ll get rid of excess oils and dead skin cells that can affect the makeup application and staying power.

    10 Ways To Make Your Makeup Last Longer


    Once you got all the skin care down, it’s time to add one additional prepping step – a primer. Applying a primer will help you create a smooth base for your makeup and apply your foundation evenly. This step will give your makeup something to stick to and stay on for hours. Don’t forget to prime your eyelids to avoid creasing and have your eyeshadow on throughout the whole day.

    Pick your foundation carefully

    If you want to keep your foundation from melting off, you need to pick one that’s right for your skin type and occasion (think a day in the heat). It’s best to choose a lightweight formula that’s going to set nicely in your skin instead of a thick, heavy one that’s going to stay on top of it.

    10 Ways To Make Your Makeup Last Longer

    Oil based formulas are more likely to slide off during the day, so to avoid this, pick an oil-free foundation. Also, look for long lasting foundations that are specifically made for long wear.

    Layer your liquid products with powders

    Cream formulas tend to move around and melt off, so it’s better to use powders. Layering a face powder, blush and contour on top of your liquid foundation will help you set your base and prevent smearing.

    10 Ways To Make Your Makeup Last Longer

    Apply light layers

    Makeup applied heavily won’t perform well in the heat and will leave you looking like a cake-face. If you want to avoid a makeup meltdown, apply the products in light layers. This will help all your products blend together nicely and last longer.

    Use translucent powder

    Translucent powder is key for a perfect, long lasting summer look. These powders have no pigmentation but are overall amazing. Using a translucent powder will absorb excess oils and add another protective layer that will keep your makeup on throughout the day.

    Pick waterproof eye makeup

    With all the heat and sweating, using waterproof products is the smartest move to make. Choose a long lasting, waterproof liner that won’t smear and fade after just a couple of hours.

    10 Ways To Make Your Makeup Last Longer

    Same goes for mascara – you’ll need a waterproof formula that won’t copy on your lids and smudge under your eyes.

    Choose your lipstick wisely

    If you don’t like reapplying your lipstick every other hour, choose one that has a strong staying power. Matte liquid lipsticks have the best formula when it comes to longevity, some even staying through drinks and meals. Make sure to frame your lips with a lip liner before applying a liquid lipstick to prevent it from moving and melting off.

    Setting spray is a must

    Never underestimate the power of a setting spray. It’s a must have product, whether you choose a matte or a dewy finish.  A good setting spray will lock everything in place and keep your makeup from melting off, moving, fading and creasing for the rest of the day!

    Use blotting papers

    Blotting papers can be true life savers in the summer heat. Make sure to carry a pack wherever you go so you can use them during the day. When you feel like your face needs a touch up, pick a sheet and pat gently to remove sweat and excess oils.

    10 Ways To Make Your Makeup Last Longer

    Wearing a full face of makeup in the summer heat ain’t easy, but we have to put some effort into making our makeup last longer. If you make sure to take all of the steps above, you’ll have your flawless makeup look on throughout the whole day!